A new family of three relaxes on their bed looking down at their baby girl during their in-home newborn session with Allyson Wasmund Photography.

Sometimes I walk into a client's home and instantly feel a connection.

Sometimes during a session we have such great conversation together that the time just flies by...and my two hour session becomes three. 

Sometimes during a session I feel like an old family friend hanging out and it just warms my heart.

Sometimes I ask if I can take their baby home because she's just so darn cute.

Friends, this session was one of those times. 

This new family of three invited me into their home on a sunny winter day and it was so much fun!! This family was so sweet and their love for their adorable baby girl was written all over their faces. Baby Sylvia had the bluest eyes and the most charming curly was so hard to not put down my camera and just snuggle her. (Maybe I should add that to my services? Baby snuggler?) When the film scans came back I was thrilled...each image brought me back to the wonderful time we spent together. This whole experience was truly magical.

Thank you Erin + Casey for having me over! It was an honor to photograph the beginning of this chapter for your family. ♥

Pentax 645n | Fuji 400h | developed/scanned by: Richard Photo Lab

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