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On a cloudy spring day, I ventured down to Eagan, Minnesota to document the start of a new chapter for this family of five. I was SO excited because this was my second time being invited into their home for a lifestyle newborn session. It was only a few years ago when I first met them when their second son was born…and now these two brothers have a little sister.

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When your family of two becomes three…it’s truly one of the most special times in your life. The first baby changes everything and it becomes so hard to visualize life without them. Life feels complete and your heart grows with so much love you sometimes feel like it will burst. It truly is a magical time - and my absolute favorite to photograph.

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Sometimes I walk into a client's home and instantly feel a connection. Sometimes during a session we have such great conversation together that the time just flies by...and my two hour session becomes three. Sometimes during a session I feel like an old family friend hanging out and it just warms my heart. Sometimes I ask if I can take their baby home because she's just so darn cute.

Friends, this session was one of those times. 

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Some days I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming and this is real life...that I'm THIS lucky to be able to meet and photograph so many beautiful babies for my job. I love what I do so much and I am so thankful for each family that invites me into their home. Because when you choose to work with me, you are not only getting a are also gaining a friend.

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