The Free 52 Project | April

Freelensing - the art of detaching your lens from your camera and manually holding it in place + focusing to create a tilt-shift effect in your image.

I can't believe April is already over. I swear it was just March! Summer is right around the corner which makes me very excited for this freelensing project. I am just not inspired when I am stuck indoors. April was a slower month for me + my camera. We had a lot of rainy days, which always bums me out. I love being outdoors in the sunshine - just another reason why I'm so excited summer is almost here. Goodbye hibernation, hello barefeet in the grass. :)

I hope you enjoy what I captured - I have a few random things I practiced on. Be sure to click the link at the bottom to continue through our freelensing blog circle. These gals are crazy good with the art of freelensing. So inspiring!

freelensed coffee mug

Now head over to see what Kristin Anderson captured in April | HERE |. She's the mastermind behind this amazing happy she started it! Her work is beautiful. Go see for yourself. ♥