Leah + Jake

Going from a family of three to a family of four is such a beautiful time - and it can be very emotional too. There's such a special bond with your first born...and it's hard not knowing how things will change once another baby comes home. I remember sitting on my couch a few weeks before our daughter was scheduled to arrive and all I could think about was how my son was going to handle being a big brother and how guilty I felt taking some of the attention away from him. He was my baby! He made me a mother. He was my everything. He was my heart. Those last few weeks I cherished every single moment we had together...just me + him. It was priceless. My only regret? Not having those moments captured into a photograph...all I have are my memories.

When this beautiful momma-to-be contacted me for an in-home maternity session with her husband and daughter, I was thrilled! What an honor it was to hang out with this family and capture this time for them. My heart smiles every time I look at these photos! I am so excited to go back in April to celebrate with them becoming a family of four. I am especially excited to see this sweet girl as a big sister. She's going to be so good at it!

Thank you, O Family for having me along at the start of this amazing chapter in your family's story. It truly is an honor. ♥