My Minnesota | January 2016

The Minnesota Project is back! I was so excited when we decided to start this back up. In case you don't know, The Minnesota Project is a monthly blog circle of local photographers where we share something we experienced that month. SO MUCH FUN. I feel very lucky to be a part of this. These gals are not only talented with their cameras, they are also the nicest people around. Truly. My January was spent mostly in my home. If you know me, you know I am always cold. Always. So it takes a lot for me to go outdoors during the winter months! Well, I was going stir crazy so I told my family I was heading to Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary to go on a walk by myself. It's amazing what a half hour of fresh air can do for your spirit. Yes, it was cold and snowy the day I headed out...but I needed it so very much. I also took this opportunity to practice freelensing. Not the easiest thing to do when it's cold out! Most of the images below are freelensed.

I love this's one of my favorite spots in Saint Paul to go to feel like I'm out of the city (yet I can see downtown). If you haven't been, you must visit soon! There's rarely anyone there, so you are definitely alone with nature.

As always, please be sure to follow the link at the end to continue on the blog circle! Enjoy. ♥Bruce Vento Nature SanctuarySaint Paul photographerBruce Vento Nature SanctuaryfreelensingMinnesota photographyMinnesota photographyNext up is Melissa from Melissa Rowley Photography - click here to see what she captured in January! Her work is stunning and so creative. She is always inspiring me! Until next month...stay warm, Minnesota.