Irelyn | 12 months

Baby Irelyn sitting on a blanket at her baby milestone film session.

That face. How adorable is that face?! Meet Irelyn, my beautiful niece.

I was at my sister's home a few weeks back and we decided to head over to the lake to do a little motherhood session to celebrate Irelyn turning 12 months. I absolutely LOVE photographing moms with their babies, so I was very excited when my sister asked me to do this for her.

Every time I photograph motherhood, my heart does a little dance. How amazing is it that we can freeze time with's priceless really.

My sister wears motherhood so perfectly. She's patient, kind + so loving towards her children. It's been so much fun watching her motherhood story unfold. She's truly amazing, friends.

Happy 12 months, Miss Irelyn! Never stop being you, because YOU are perfect. ♥

(all images shot on film)