St Paul Mini-Sessions | Yay or Nay

st. paul mini-sessions Over the last few weeks I have been getting A LOT of people asking me if I do family mini-sessions. At first I was just telling them no and tried to convince them to go for a full session. I felt really bad turning people away though and started thinking about 'what if' I offered them? After all, when I did child mini-sessions in 2014 I had a BLAST. But those were more about giving back and I didn't charge for them, so there was zero pressure. What if I did all this planning and no one booked them? What if I had no-shows? What if it ended up being more work than I could handle?

To mini-session or not to mini-session...I had to figure this out.

Ah, the good ol' mini-session debate. There are so many opinions on this subject floating around the photography community. It seems like photographers either love them or hate them...there really is no middle ground. When I first started my photography business a few years ago, it was too overwhelming to figure out my opinion on it and I had way too many things to do to get my business up and running so I decided to put the idea on the back burner. Now that I am at a good place in my business and have a solid ground to build on (finally), I am re-visiting this idea.

There are pros and cons like many ideas out there. The photographers that are all for mini-sessions say they love them because they get to see a lot of clients in one day and it's perfect for those families that get a tad stressed about their kids behaving for a full session (which I totally understand!!).  I love hanging out with my clients. LOVE. And if the stress of a full session is making a potential client not contact me, well...that makes me sad. I feel every family deserves great family photos. And maybe once they see how their child interacts with me, they might be up for a full session one day.

The photographers that dislike mini-sessions say it's too much work for little pay, that the clients that book mini-sessions will never, ever book a full session. They also say they don't like how mini-session photographers price these sessions - some price them reallllly low and that brings down our market. I definitely see this side too...however, pricing for artistic services is such a tricky thing (and something I will leave for another day). As for the "too much work", well, I don't see it that way. It's a 20 minute session - if I don't over-shoot, I won't have a ton of images to edit. Right? I am all about efficiency in my life and it crosses over into my business. If I am efficient with mini-sessions, then it shouldn't be a huge problem.

After going over the pros and cons a million times, I decided that the only way for me to know if mini-sessions will work is if I try them myself. I can't go off what others say...I need to see it with my own eyes. And you know what? I AM SO EXCITED to do this. I am more excited to see what happens than my fear of no one booking. So...I picked three types of mini-sessions to try this year, and I am starting small - one day each and will only have 6 time slots for clients to book. All mini-sessions will be 20 minutes long and held outdoors at a Twin Cities metro location. All booking information will be posted on the blog and my Facebook page, so be sure you are following along that day! Here is what I am planning...

MOMMY + ME | MOTHER'S DAY MINI-SESSIONS: I really love photographing mothers with their children...the love + connection I see is so beautiful. It makes my heart full. This was an easy choice for me to make! And just a head's up, I am coming up with something extra special for the moms that come hang out with me...I want help celebrate how amazing you are. I am beyond excited about these minis! DATE: Sunday, May 8, 2016 - bookings will open on Monday, April 11th.

SUMMER FAMILY MINI-SESSIONS: I know summer can get crazy busy with travel and activities for the children. This might make some families not want to do summer family photos, so that is why I wanted to try summer family minis this year. Summer is such a fun time! Everyone seems to always be in the best mood - how can you not? Warm temps, sunshine and late sunsets. Sounds great to me! DATE: Sunday, July 10, 2016 – bookings will open Monday, June 13th

FALL FAMILY MINI-SESSIONS: I love everything about fall - the cooler temps, the smell of bonfires in the air, the gorgeous color on the trees. I think getting to hang out with 6 families in one day during my favorite season is a win-win. Not only that, these sessions will be PERFECT for those last minute photos you need for your Christmas card! Let me help you cross something off your holiday to-do list this year. DATE: Sunday, October 23, 2016 – bookings will open Monday, September 26th

The cost for these mini-sessions will be $150 and include 5 digital images + print release. Like all my sessions, a signed contract will be required and the full mini-session price will be due at time of booking. I will have back-up dates reserved in case of bad weather, so clients will be guaranteed photos if they sign up. I am so excited about offering mini-sessions this year and hope I get to meet some new faces along the way. Send any and all questions my way. Have a great day, friends! ♥