A newborn baby boy lays on his parent's bed sleeping during his in-home newborn session with Allyson Wasmund Photography.

Every photographer has a distinct turning point in their journey - this session marks my turning point into film photography. This beautiful St. Paul newborn session was my very first all film newborn session and I couldn't have picked a better family to photograph. 

I was a nervous wreck driving to this family's home that Thursday morning. The night before I had made the decision that this session was going to be it...I was finally going to trust myself that I knew what I was doing to do all film at a newborn session. (I had been shooting hybrid - digital & film - since May, so I had been practicing for this moment for months.) Film can be tricky indoors...and the film stock that I love to use requires A LOT of light to get a proper exposure. You have to get it right in camera - you can't fix it afterwards like you can with digital. You really do have to know what you are doing with film for it to work - this is why I was so nervous. I barely slept that night because I had so many thoughts running through my mind - What if it was cloudy? What if my client's home had smaller windows? What if they didn't want me to do all film? So many what if's. But you know what? Everything fell into place for me that day and I am so thankful. 

As I was saying, I was a nervous wreck driving to this client's home. They live pretty close to me so I didn't have a lot of time to be nervous. The sun was shining bright that day, so that helped a little. I drove up, parked my car and with shaky hands I pulled out my bags and walked to their front door. I was greeted with a warm smile and immediately felt at ease. I was welcomed into their home with open arms and felt like an old family friend. Seriously, how do I get so lucky? Another wonderful family to photograph. I LOVE MY CLIENTS.

Their home had big windows and the light just poured in. It was perfect for film and I ran with it. I didn't feel nervous anymore...I had the light and I had the most beautiful family in front of my camera. And Baby Preston was SO CUTE. His dark hair and little nose just melted my heart. And the love! There was so much love in that home. Before I knew it, I finished my last roll of film. I did it. I really did it. I think I said thank you a million times on my way out - this family trusted me and my skills to do this and it felt awesome. They knew their photos would turn out and guess what? THEY DID. 

Thank you, S Family for trusting me, for letting me follow my heart. I'll never forget this experience. ♥

Pentax 645n | Fuji 400h +1 | Developed/scanned by: Richard Photo Lab

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