Thank you so much for choosing me to be your newborn photographer! It's an honor to capture the beginning of this sweet chapter for your family. I'm looking forward to meeting your new little one. ♥

My newborn sessions are all about your newest addition to your family, your genuine connection, and the love you have for each other. We work around your baby's needs - we will take as many breaks as needed for feedings + diaper changes. By doing these sessions in the comfort of your home, it takes all the stress away from having to pack everything up in your car and travelling somewhere. Lifestyle photography is all about capturing you in your own environment. Real life is so beautiful! Expect to not be looking at the camera for most of the session. You just need to snuggle that beautiful new baby of yours and I'll take care of the rest.

Below you will find some helpful information to prepare you for your session. If any questions come up, please message me at

S E S S I O N  S T A R T  T I M E  +  L E N G T H

All newborn sessions are scheduled weekday mornings at 10:00am. Since we revolve the session around baby's needs and we take lots of breaks, please plan on us hanging out for at least 2 hours. Also, please try to not have visitors during this time. To help make a sleepy baby (for at least the first part of our session) try to feed him/her right before I'm scheduled to arrive. Starting the session with a sleepy baby will help create a relaxing environment for you.

W H A T  T O  W E A R

First and foremost, wear something you are comfortable in. If you are not comfortable it will reflect on your face. I always suggest soft neutrals - white, cream, gray, pastels - it will give your images an organic feel (and these softer colors always photograph so nicely on film.) Try to avoid bright, super dark or neon colors, logos or a lot of patterns - your eye will instantly go to these places in your images and we want the focus to be on you + your newborn. To flatter your post-pregnancy body, I recommend wearing something flowy + loose fitting - and most important...try to avoid lower-cut/V-neck tops. (Some of my poses are shot from above and having a low cut shirt won't be very flattering.) For your partner I recommend a plain solid-colored t-shirt or sweater in a soft neutral color - try to avoid shirts with buttons or collars as these can get in the way when you snuggle your baby. For any siblings, a simple white t-shirt for boys or a neutral-colored dress for girls always photographs well. Feel free to text me your outfit ideas to my cell if you need some help - 763.516.5682. I am here for you, friend!

As for baby, you can either have him/her in just a diaper for a more organic look or have them in a neutral-colored onesie or sleeper.

P R E P P I N G  Y O U R  H O M E

Please don't feel like your home needs to be in perfect condition for your session. I won't judge! I've been there. Twice. We will only be taking photos in a few places in your home, so lightly pick up those areas and you will be good to go. I am not shy about moving stuff - so if I see something that will be a distraction I will simply move it. Please note that I am a natural light photographer, so room lights will be turned off and there must be lots of window light in the rooms we work in to facilitate the use of film. This means we might not be able to use all the rooms I have listed below.

Here are some tips to prep each area:
master bedroom - open curtains or blinds, clear off nightstands, make your bed - white/lighter-colored blankets/duvet covers photograph best. If you don't have any for your bed, please remove the blanket and put on white or lighter colored sheets.
nursery - open curtains or blinds, take off crib bumper, set out swaddle blankets and any special keepsakes you want baby photographed with
living room - open curtains or blinds, clear tables of clutter, dust open areas

Feel free to put on your favorite music or light your favorite candle...whatever will help make this experience a relaxing one please do.

F L O W  O F  T H E  S E S S I O N

When I arrive at your home, the first thing I'll have you do is give me a little tour. This will help me find some special places that might be good for a few photos and to also see where the natural light falls. The first room I like to start in is the master, followed by the nursery then finally the living room. I have a variety of favorite poses for each space. If you have any pose ideas please share! The very last shot I like to do is a family photo outside in front of your home (weather permitting of course). This home is a special one - it's where you brought your little one home to, where this chapter is starting - and if you happen to move one day, you'll always have a little piece of this place to enjoy forever. This photo is always my favorite.

A F T E R  T H E  S E S S I O N

That same day, I will mail off the film to my professional film lab in California to be processed & scanned. Two to three weeks after our time together you will receive an email from me with a link to your gallery - I love sending this email!! Your gallery is where you can share your images to social media, share the entire gallery with family + friends by sending them the link, download the entire gallery (with print release) and even order prints from my professional print lab. About a week after you view your gallery you will receive your 4x6 print set + USB in the mail. Viewing your gallery in print is going to be so much fun. Just wait and see. ♥

After I deliver your gallery I will start sharing a few of my favorite images on my Instagram + Facebook. Be sure to come follow me and feel free to tag yourself or share.

I am available at any time (both before + after your session) to answer any questions that come up. The best way to reach me is by email -